Portable pizza ovens taken seriously

The Igneus range of wood fired ovens has been specifically developed to offer the very best wood fired cooking experience by combining traditional cooking methods with modern technology.

We have designed the Igneus wood fired oven range to offer our customers the opportunity to enjoy a true Italian pizza making experience, whilst keeping the quality of the oven high but its cost to a minimum. So, the Igneus range combines the traditional method of wood-firing, with high grade materials and modern manufacturing techniques, to produce a truly superb wood fired cooking experience.

Hand made in Portugal, this stunning range of ovens features three distinct models; The Classico being the largest of the three ovens, capable of cooking two 12” pizzas at the same time; The Bambino is slightly smaller so it will cook up to one 14” pizza at a time; and The Minimo is our small, portable version which will cook a 12” pizza literally anywhere. A pizza should take between one and two minutes to cook depending on which model you choose, and which temperature you choose to cook at.

Every Igneus wood fired oven will also cook many other things, such as roast meats, casserole, lasagne and canneloni, succulent spare ribs as well as delicious freshly baked bread…..you’re only limited by your own imagination, so get your oven fired up and get serious!