Igneus Classico Superdeal

£865.95 £845.00 inc. VAT

This Igneus Classico Superdeal gets you everything you need to get the most out of your Igneus Classico pizza oven. The Classico is our most popular oven and will cook two 12″ pizzas at once in around 60-80 seconds. The oven is lit using kindling and will get beyond pizza making heat in under 15 minutes. Once up to heat, it burns 2 logs at a time, around half the size of a log you would use in your log burner (these should burn for around 25 minutes). The oven reaches its best heat using seasoned or kiln dried wood (we recommend silver birch for pizza making), so you can be cooking quickly without waiting hours to get your oven up to temperature. The Igneus Classico makes an amazing statement in your garden, with its stunning design and colour choices. As well as cooking incredible pizzas, the Classico will also cook meat, fish and even bread. The Classico is well insulated for maximum heat retention so you can slow cook over a longer period of time and it also has the benefit of a vent control system on the door and a damper on the chimney, enabling you to regulate air flow. By removing the bricks, the Classico can easily be moved around the garden, or into the garage for storage.


  • Igneus Classico
  • Igneus Pro Pizza Peel
  • Embers Rake
  • All weather outdoor cover
  • Heat resistant gloves
  • Igneus Pizza Rocker Cutter
  • Igneus Dough Cutter


There is currently a huge level of demand both on our business and also on the delivery networks at the moment due to the high level of goods being sent out by post. Please be aware that regardless of whichever oven you choose to buy from us (and regardless of whether it is showing as being in stock), please be aware that it may take 2-3 weeks for it to be delivered to you.