Igneus Classico with Stand

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The Igneus Classico can cook two pizzas in less than 90 seconds and is fully portable!

The Classico is insulated and has a removable door, allowing you to cook things such as joints of meat, breads etc. The Classico is made from marine grade stainless steel with a powder coated aluminium canopy. It has a removable chimneybuilt-in thermometer and removable refractory bricks. The oven burns logs/ kindling and reaches it best heat using seasoned or kiln dried wood.

The stand has been engineered for the Igneus Classico standing 940mm high and is made from marine grade stainless steel. The shelf on the bottom of the stand is ideal for storing wood. The holes on the shelf allow drainage.There are two wheels at the rear of the stand which allows it to be moved around your garden with ease, as well as a bar for hanging utensils from at the front.

Igneus Classico:

Igneus Classico Stand: