Igneus Pro 750 with stand

£2,015.00 inc. VAT

The Igneus Pro 750 is for commercial use. It is designed with performance in mind and has a double layer of insulation for a more stable performance and heat retention.

The Pro 750 can cook pizza’s in an amazing 60 seconds! Because of the large cooking area (75cm x 75cm) It is capable of cooking up to 4 pizzas at once and is perfect for cooking other foods, roasting, baking, etc. Weighing approximately 90kg the Igneus Pro 750 also has upgraded steel legs which are high enough to allow air to circulate under the oven.

The stand has been engineered to perfectly fit the Pro 750 and is made from marine grade stainless steel. The shelf on the bottom of the stand is ideal for storing wood as the holes on the shelf allow water drainage. As well as a bar for hanging utensils from at the front, there are also two wheels at the rear of the stand which allows it to be easily moved around. Side shelves can also be added if required.

PRE-ORDER: Allow around 4 weeks to fulfil


Pro 750