Are the Igneus pizza ovens portable?

All of the Igneus pizza ovens are portable. They will all fit into the boot of your car. To move them with more ease, you have to option to remove the firebricks. The firebricks lift out of the oven and hold a large amount of the overall weight of the oven.

With the firebricks removed one person is able to move the case of the oven with ease.

The Minimo weighs 15kg – Bambino 35kg and Classico 45kg.

How do I keep my pizza oven in the best condition?

Once you have finished cooking on your oven allow it to cool down naturally. You can speed up the cooling proccess by spreading the embers to fill the cooking area (Use an embers rake to do this).

When your oven has fully cooled down, use a dustpan and brush to remove the embers from the cooking area. To give it a deeper clean you can lift out the firebricks from the oven and use a vacuum cleaner to remove residual ash left in the bottom of the oven.

Only use brush to clean your firebricks. Do not use any water or soap on the bricks as they have to stay dry at all times.

To clean the outside of the oven you can use a sponge and fairy liquid. Baby oil also works well on the outside to remove any ash marks.

What is the warranty with the Igneus?

All Igneus pizza ovens come with a 1 year warranty from the day of purchase. Igneus Pro pizza ovens come with 2 years warranty.

How do I use my Igneus pizza oven safely?

It is very  important to remember that pizza ovens get very hot and should be treated with the utmost respect. Whilst it is fine to get the children to create their own pizzas, always make sure that they are kept a safe distance away from the oven whilst it is in operation and never allow children to place pizzas in or out of the oven or leave them unattended whilst your pizza oven is hot or warm.

It is important to remember that once you have finished using your pizza oven, it will remain very hot for some time after. We recommend that you do not attempt to remove dead coals from your oven for at least 24 hours after the time you stopped using it. Always check that the embers are totally cold before removing them and never place them into a combustible container for disposal as it could set alight if the embers are not fully cold.

Never put your all-weather protective cover onto the oven whilst it is still hot as it will melt onto the oven. We recommend that you do not put your cover onto your oven for at least 24 hours after the time you stopped using it and always check it is completely cold before you do so.

Treat your oven with respect. Never place any unprotected part of your body inside the oven whilst it is lit or hot and always use a heatproof glove. Always use the correct tools such as a pizza peel and embers rake for attending to your oven. A range of accessories can be found in our shop.

Can I cook more than pizza in the Igneus?


The Igneus pizza oven range provides a great amount of versatility to what you can cook. Casseroles, loafs of bread, roast meat, steaks, roast vegetables are just a few examples of what you are able to cook.

If you want to cook anything which has a juice or liquid then you will need to cook it in a roasting tin. This is to prevent the fire bricks from getting wet, as they need to stay dry at all times.

It is worth noting that your roasting tin will need to be able to withstand the high heat that the ovens get up to (400-500 C), therefore we recoomend using a cast iron tin/ pan.

Can I cook on my Igneus pizza oven straight away?

No, you will need to do 2 blind firings before you can cook on the oven. These blind firings are done to get the firebrick used to heat and prevent them from cracking.

Blind firing instructions will be included in the box when your Igneus pizza oven is delivered. 

What wood should I use with the Igneus?

When initially getting your oven up to heat you will need to use a tower of kindling and a natural fire lighter.

All of the Igneus pizza oven range use wood as the fuel for cooking. We recommend that you use untreated wood logs when cooking on the pizza oven. Silver Birch is a great wood as it gets your oven up to heat due to the bark and it’s low density.

How do I set up my Igneus pizza oven?

The installation of the Igneus pizza ovens is a very simple process. Both the Bambino and Classico are packaged in the following way: the firebricks are placed at the bottom of the box, the oven case is then placed on top of the bricks. Inside the oven case is the chimney, door and fireguard.

To install the oven simply lift the oven case out of the box and place it where you would like it to go in your garden. Then removed the parts that are inside the case of the oven. These should be your door, chimney and fireguard.

Your chimney will be in two parts. There will be the chimney flue and the chimney cap. Slot the flue onto the top of the oven case, then slot the cap onto the chimney flue.

Next you will need to place the fire bricks into the base of the oven and you are good to go!

Your fireguard is used once you have begun cooking and is used to pervent any embers from falling onto the cooking area.