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Igneus Pro 600 wood fired pizza oven

The outstanding Igneus Pro 600

The Igneus Pro 600 pizza oven ideal for catering businesses. The Pro 600 is made from high-grade materials, allowing it to cook for the whole day with ease. In comparison to the Igneus Classico the Pro 600 is a higher quality oven. The Classico and pro have the same cooking dimensions of 600x600mm, however the Pro has the advantage of being able to retain its heat for longer.

The insulation is thicker in the pro 600, allowing heat retention for up to 7 hours. The Pro 600 is built for commercial or home use.

The Pro 600 is ideal for light professional use (12-15 cooking hours per week).

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Width – 71cm

Length – 73cm

Height – 115.5cm

Weight – 65kg

Heat up time – 15 minutes

Maximum temperature – 500 °C

Materials – Marine grade stainless steel

Warranty –  1 year from day of purchase

Capacity – 2x 12″ pizzas or 2x roasting tins

Time to cook a pizza – 60 to 80 seconds

Colours –  Black, Graphite and Red

Fuel – Kiln dried hardwood logs (Silver birch is ideal)

Igneus Pro 600 wood fired pizza oven

Up to heat in 15 minutes!

The Igneus Pro 600 is up to cooking temperature in 15 minutes. The oven is fuelled by untreated wood logs and can cook for a whole day.

Cooks 2 pizzas at a time

The size of the cooking area is 600x600mm and can hold 2x 12″ pizzas. The pizza will cook in only 60-80 seconds, so you won’t be waiting long.

Get’s up to 500°C

The oven can reach temperature highs of 500°C. The ideal pizza cooking temperature is 400-450°C, the Pro 600 will easily cook at that.

Igneus Pro 600 wood fired pizza oven with stand

Igneus Pro 600 Stand

The stand is sold as an accessory and is perfect for making a real statement in your garden. This stand has been purposefully engineered to fit the Igneus Pro 600 pizza oven and is made from marine grade stainless steel.

The stand has been designed to also work with the bespoke Igneus Pro 600 all weather cover. When ordering your Pro 600 stand you are able to add 1 or 2 shelves which will attach to either side of the stand

The steel shelves simply slot into the stand with no need for screws or bolts and are ideal for resting a drink, or pizza peel on whilst cooking. 

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