Wanting to built an Outdoor Kitchen?

Outdoor Kitchens have become a popular addition to outdoor home spaces. People are wanting to spend more time in their gardens and make their outdoor kitchen a real vocal point. 

Whatever your kitchen design, however simple or complex, we have the right Igneus oven for you. Whether your oven is your only cooking source or an additional one, we can help. 

We get asked many questions when assisting customers with their choices. Furthermore, our advice can change your thinking and will potentially raise issues or questions you may not have thought of. 

Here are some of the commonly asked questions.

What surface can the Igneus oven sit on? 

This is the number one question when discussing outdoor kitchens with our customers. Some of our ovens have stands they can sit on, which have been incorporated into the final designs of some projects. Most of the time, however, the oven is to sit on a work surface. We would suggest if you are thinking of topping your outdoor kitchen surface with stone, concrete, thick slate or Dekton then the oven can sit directly onto the surface without causing any damage. A few of our ovens can sit onto a wooden surface. Always operate with caution with porcelain, marble and granite.

These materials can be sensitive towards heat transfer and heating and cooling over time and may crack. We would recommend raising your oven off of the surface on separate blocks, therefore allowing air to flow under your oven and cool the hot air passing downwards.

Can I extend the flue out of my outdoor kitchen? 

This question has a couple of variables. The short answer is yes, the flues’ on the ovens we sell can be extended. Call our team for more details. 

Sometimes, depending on the outdoor kitchen and the complexity of the project, you may not need to extend. If you have a high ceiling or pitch and open sides, the oven will produce little smoke if you burn the right fuel. When extending, be careful if you need to add a bend to your flue. Do not add 90 degree bends as this will be detrimental to the airflow, install maximum 45 degree bends to avoid this issue. 

See some of the examples below of our ovens being added into amazing outdoor kitchen set up’s. We love to see your finished article, so do send us your images.

Most importantly, if you are in any doubt over the best products to place in your outdoor kitchen, just pick up the phone and talk to our helpful team.

Igneus Ceramiko Pro 1000 wood fired pizza oven
Igneus Ceramiko 760 wood fired pizza oven
Igneus Classico wood fired garden pizza oven
Igneus Classico wood fired garden pizza oven in garden

We know it can be hard choosing a pizza oven, our team can help you choose the right one for your needs. You can get in touch by calling us on 01423 575885

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