Igneus pizza ovens are Handmade in Portugal using the very finest materials, the Igneus range of wood fired ovens has been carefully crafted to offer a wood fired solution for almost everyone who wishes to enjoy this amazing cooking method in their garden, or whilst on holiday.

Available in five model sizes, with various colours, the Igneus range offers incredible value for money combined with exceptional build quality and stunning looks to give you the best wood fired cooking experience, wherever you are.

Capable of cooking a crispy stone baked pizza in around 60-80 seconds, every Igneus oven we build is also designed to cook a wide range of foods, beautifully. From roast beef, chicken or lamb dinners to cannelloni and lasagne, breads and sourdough to apple crumble, the Igneus experience will open up a whole new world of outdoor cooking, which you will love.

Up to heat in 15 minutes

Most Igneus ovens get up to cooking temperature within 15 minutes of lighting and use hardwood logs (preferably kiln dried) as fuel

Can reach up to 500°c with ease

Our Igneus pizza ovens can reach up to 500°c, however, they will stabilise around 350-400°c which is ideal for cooking pizza

Cook pizza in 60 seconds

Using high quality seasoned wood such as silver birch will enable your Igneus wood fired oven to cook a pizza in around 1 minute

Cook meats, veg and more…

All of our Ignues ovens are capable of cooking more than pizza. You can cook meats, vegetables, breads, lasagnes, casseroles and more

If you are looking for an oven that you can transport, cook amazing pizzas with, and give that authentic taste, then Igneus can provide you all those with these.”

A really cost-effective way to feed a group of people and a lot of fun…” 

It will last you years of hearty meals at home! Its contemporary and unique design puts a modern spin on a typically rustic appliance.”

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