Flue Extensions

Are you wanting to extend your chimney or build it into a structure?

All of the pizza ovens we sell are sold for use outdoors. You can purchase a flue/ chimney extension which will allow you to safely use your oven indoors, preferably within an outdoor garden room or under a gazebo type structure.

You will need to inform your home / business insurer if you plan on building your oven in. They will be able to let you know if this is allowed within the terms of your insurance cover.

It is important when using a pizza oven in an indoor structure that the chimney is correctly vented. As we do not sell chimney extensions, we recommend that you contact Trade Price Flues who have a wide range of chimney and extension parts available. In order to purchase the correct size flue give them a call on 0161 7300 969  and give them the dimensions of your oven’s current chimney.

Chimney Dimensions:

Important Flue Extension info: UK flue size is 150mm, you will need a UK to Continental converter when extending the chimney of your pizza oven.

Flue Chimney Extension
Flue Chimney Extension