About the Igneus Bambino pizza oven . . .

The Igneus Bambino pizza oven is our mid-sized pizza oven which is perfect for smaller families who yearn to enjoy a true wood fired cooking experience. With an internal cooking area of 500x500mm, the Bambino can cook a very large pizza up to 14″ with ease. It doesn’t stop at pizza either as the Bambino can also hold a large baking tray or roasting tin, allowing you to cook roasts, potatoes, lasagnes, bake bread and much, much more.

At only 37kg the Igneus Bambino is very portable and weighs just 17kg with the fire bricks removed, making it very easy to move into place before use. The chimney is detachable and can sit inside the oven for easy transportation. A cover is also available for the Igneus Bambino, ensuring that you keep your oven in tip-top condition.

Because the Bambino is fully insulated, it can be used on most surfaces because the downward heat transfer is very minimal whilst the oven is in use. The Igneus  Bambino pizza oven gets up to cooking temperature in around 10-15 minutes, is best fuelled by small kiln dried logs (we recommend silver birch) and will run for several hours using just two logs every 20-30 minutes.



Height – 83cm

Width – 57cm

Length – 60cm

Cooking area – 50x50cm

Weight – 35kg including bricks/17kg excluding bricks

Heat up time – 15 minutes

Maximum temperature – 500°c

Cooking speed – Pizza in 60-80 seconds

Capacity – 1x large pizza / 1x roasting tin

Recommended fuel – Kiln dried/seasoned silver birch or hardwood

Materials – Marine grade stainless steel / Powder coated aluminium 

Warranty – 1 year from day of purchase

Colours – Matt Black, Verdigris Blue & Antique Copper

Includes – Oven, door, chimney, thermometer, 4x bricks & fireguard

“The Bambino is perfect for those who love to host garden parties and pizza parties. It’s also a great product for those just getting into pizza making and those who want a mobile option. .”

– Pizza Oven Reviews

“If you have a slightly larger number of people that you need to feed, then the Igneus Bambino is the perfect pizza oven for you.”

– Countertop Pizza Ovens

Up to 500°C in 15 minutes

Using kindling and kiln dried silver birch logs to get the Bambino up to cooking temperature

Cooks a pizza in 60 seconds!

The Igneus Bambino is capable of cooking a perfectly crispy pizza up to 14″ in just 1 minute

Roast, sizzle & more…

The Bambino fits a standard roasting tin so you can cook roasts, casseroles, steaks & more


Matt Black

Blue Igneus Bambino Pizza Oven

Verdigris Blue

Antique Copper


Embers Rake


Igneus Bambino Cover


12″ Standard Pizza Peel (Short Handle)


Igneus Bambino Stand

The Igneus Bambino pizza oven stand is sold as an accessory and is perfect for making a real statement in your garden. This stand has been purposefully engineered to fit the Igneus Bambino pizza oven and is made from marine grade stainless steel.

The stand has been designed to also work with the bespoke Igneus Bambino all weather cover. When ordering your Bambino stand you are able to add 1 or 2 shelves which will attach to either side of the stand

The steel shelves simply slot into the stand with no need for screws or bolts and are ideal for resting a drink, or pizza peel on whilst cooking. To add shelves, simply select them using the drop down menu when ordering