About the Igneus Pro 750

The Igneus Pro 750 is our largest pizza oven in the range. The size of the cooking area is 750x750mm and can cook 4x 12″ pizzas. The spacious cooking area is ideal for commercial use and offers true versatility on what you can cook.

As with all other Igneus ovens, the Pro 750 is cabable of cooking more than pizza. Casseroles, breads, roast meats, vegetables, lasagnas and so much more can be cooked in the Pro 750. The 750 has high quality materials which allows it to hold its heat for up to 7 hours and can be cooked on all day.

The Pro 750 uses untreated wood logs as it’s fuel. It takes 15 minutes to get to cooking temperature and will cook 4x pizzas in 60 seconds.

igneus pizza ovens

Cook 4 pizzas at a time!

The dimensions of the Pro 750 allows you to cook up to 4x 12″ pizzas at any one time.

Igneus Pro 750

Cooks pizza in 60 seconds!

The Pro 750 can cook pizza in only 60 seconds, due to its high heat!

Up to heat in 15 minutes

Your oven will get up to 500°in only 15 minutes. You won’t wait long for pizza.

Igneus Pro 750

Highest Quality Materials

The 750 is for commercial use. Meaning the best materials have been used.

Igneus Pro 750 Key Information

Width- 75cm

Length- 75cm

Height- 119cm

Weight- 90kg

Capacity – 4x pizzas or 4x roasting tins

Heat up time – 15 minutes

Maximum temperature – 500°C

Materials – Steel

Warranty – 1 year from day of purchase

Colours – Black

Fuel – untreated wood logs

Heat retention time – up to 7 hours

Cook a full English breakfast pizza!

Roast meats cooked to perfection.

Bake loaves and bread buns.

Full english breakfast.