About the Igneus Classico pizza oven. . .

The Igneus Classico pizza oven is our largest and best-selling domestic pizza oven, perfect for larger families or groups who want to enjoy an authentic wood fired cooking experience. With an internal cooking area of 600x600mm, the Classico can cook two 12” pizzas at the same time within 60-80 seconds, with ease.

What’s more, the Classico’s large cooking area can also hold two roasting tins or lasagne dishes at the same time, allowing you to cook roast dinners with Yorkshire puddings and roast potatoes, lasagnes, casseroles and bread, in volume if needed, making it a great option for entertaining larger groups of family and friends.

At only 45kg (only 20kg with the bricks removed) the Igneus Classico pizza oven is still a reasonably portable wood fired oven and can also be bought with a stainless steel trolley stand, making it very easy to move around the garden. The Classico door and chimney both have a built in air management damper system to allow greater control of the oven when in use.



Heat up time – 15 minutes

Maximium temperature – 500˚C

Cooking speed – Pizza in 60-80 seconds

Capacity – 2 pizzas or 2 roasting tins

Recommended fuel – Kiln dried/seasoned silver birch or hardwood

Cooking area – 600x600mm

Includes – oven, door, chimney with air damper, thermometer, 4x bricks & fireguard

Weight – 45kg including bricks/20kg excluding bricks

Materials – Marine grade stainless steel / Powder coated aluminium

Warranty – 1 year from day of purchase

Colours – Copper, Red, Aubergine, Blue, Graphite & Black

“With a large capacity, you can cook large pizzas or multiple recipes at a time which makes this pizza oven perfect for hosting large parties with family and friends.”

– Countertop Pizza Oven


“Being wood-fired makes it more involved than gas, but this more visceral interaction makes cooking the pizza a real event.”

– BBC Good Food

“We love our Igneus Classico pizza oven… As do our friends, who have really enjoyed having a go at cooking their own pizzas!”

– Bau Outdoors

Up to heat in 15 minutes

Using kiln dried silver birch, the Igneus Classico will be ready to cook its first pizza within just 15 minutes from lighting the initial fire

Cook 2 pizzas at a time

The capacity of the Classico allows you to cook two 12″ pizzas at the same time. When roasting meats, two standard sized roasting tins will fit

Pizza in 60-80 seconds

Your Igneus Classico is capable of cooking pizzas  in roughly 60 to 80 seconds, so you can cook for a lot of people very quickly if you need to

Reaches up to 500°c

The Igneus Classico can reach up to 500°c, within about 8 minutes from lighting. The ideal temperature for pizza is 350°c-450°c


Igneus Classico pizza oven

Antique Copper

Red Igneus Classico Pizza OvenRed Igneus Classico Pizza Oven



Blue Igneus Classico Pizza Oven

Verdigris Blue

Igneus Classico pizza oven

Graphite Grey

Igneus Classico pizza oven

Matt Black


12″ Standard peel (Medium Handle)


Igneus Classico Cover


Embers Rake


Igneus Classico Stand

The Igneus Classico pizza oven stand is sold as an accessory and is perfect for making a real statement in your garden. This stand has been purposefully engineered to fit the Igneus Classico pizza oven and is made from marine grade stainless steel.

The stand has been designed to also work with the bespoke Igneus Classico all weather cover. When ordering your Classico stand you are able to add 1 or 2 shelves which will attach to either side of the stand

The steel shelves simply slot into the stand with no need for screws or bolts and are ideal for resting a drink, or pizza peel on whilst cooking. To add shelves, simply select them using the drop down menu when ordering