Our Igneus pizza oven range…

Igneus Minimo pizza oven in Stainless Steel
igneus pizza ovens
igneus pizza ovens
Igneus Pro 750

The Igneus pizza oven range has been designed to offer the best wood fired cooking experience. This is done by combining traditional cooking methods with modern technology.

We have designed our Igneus ovens to offer our customers the opportunity to enjoy a true Italian pizza making experience. We keep the  quality of the oven high but its cost to a minimum. So, the Igneus range combines the traditional method of wood-firing, with high grade materials and modern manufacturing techniques.

Hand made in Portugal, the Family range of ovens features three sizes. The Classico being the largest of the three ovens, capable of cooking two 12” pizzas at the same time. The Bambino is slightly smaller but can cook up to one 14” pizza at a time. The Minimo is our small, portable version which will cook a 12” pizza literally anywhere. A pizza should take between 1-2 minutes to cook depending on which model you choose.

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We also have our Pro range of ovens. The Pro 600 and Pro 750 have been built with the intention of being used for commercial use. Of course you can still use these at home as well. These two pizza ovens have been made from high quality materials and contain addition insulation in comparison with our family range ovens. We have many customers who buy these two ovens for use in vans. Because of this we have created a specific fixing system for the ovens. This allows the oven to stay in the van and not be at risk of moving when driving.

Igneus ovens can cook many other things such as: roast meats, casseroles, lasagnes, ribs and even freshly baked bread!