Igneus Classico Pizza Oven

From: £875.00 inc. VAT

This cracking pizza oven provides you with the ability to cook two stone baked pizzas at the same time in 60-90 seconds and is completely portable!

The Classico has a large internal area of 60x60cm. It weighs 45kg (20kg with the bricks removed), it can be built-in or placed on a table/ stand, allowing it to be easily moved around your garden.

Hand made in Portugal from high-grade materials the Classico is fully insulated and has a removable door, allowing you to cook things such as joints of meat, breads etc. It also has a removable chimney, built-in thermometer and removable refractory bricks which give that stone-baked taste. The oven burns logs/ kindling and reaches it best heat using Seasoned or Kiln dried wood.

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