Igneus Classico wood fired pizza oven - how to cook pizza

How to cook pizza in an Igneus wood fired pizza oven

Here are some simple tips how to cook pizza …

First you will need to get your pizza dough ready. You can use one of our fantastic recipes or order some of our Igneus Sourdough balls to your door! Once you have your dough, you are ready to start cooking awesome pizzas!

Generously spread flour, semolina or a mixture of both over your work suface or board to ensure your base does not stick.

Take a 250g (will be enough for a proper 12″ pizza) ball of dough, and flatten the dough ball with the palm of your hand to form a rough circle. Then start to push the dough from the middle to the outer edges to start to form a larger circle and a crust, you can also use a rolling pin to speed up this process! Once rolled out, the dough should be almost wafer thin as this ensures that your pizza cooks thoroughly and you get an amazing Neapolitan base.

Spread the tomato pizza topping onto the base and add a small handful of mozzarella cheese on top. You can now add any toppings of your choice such as pepperoni, ham, peppers, capers, onion etc. Do not overload the toppings as this will prevent the pizza from cooking thoroughly and can make the transfer from your peel to the oven pretty difficult.

Cooking your pizza

Once prepared, use a pizza peel to transfer the pizza into the oven, making sure that it sits centrally in the space you have created on the oven floor.

Now that the pizza is cooking, keep watching it. Spin it a quarter turn every 20 sedonds so as to prevent it from burning. Once it is cooked, use the pizza peel to remove the pizza from the oven, place on a serving paddle, slice and serve.

Our Igneus ovens will cook pizza in 60-90 seconds so make sure you keep an eye on it as it cooks!

Igneus Ceramiko 760 - pizza

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