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Igneus Minimo Pizza Oven Reviews

Dumb Little Man
“It is ideal for a small family. You can cook a roast dinner, a lasagne or a casserole, and you can even bake bread or puddings as apple crumble!  In a 30cm small roasting tin, you can easily bake a lasagne for a small family.- As per the reviews, it will always be one of the top products in the basket while doing a basket search on quality shops online. If you are trying to get a grand pizza experience in a smaller space, this will be one of the preferred products in the basket for pizza cooking.” Read full pizza oven review
Pizza Oven Reviews
“It is perfect for anyone who wants the authentic pizzeria experience in the comfort of their own home but wants to save space and doesn’t want to fork out the hundreds (or possibly thousands) of pounds that a pizza oven usually costs. Not only will the Igneus Minimo add a touch of the Mediterranean to your outdoor entertaining space, but it will also become your best friend no matter what you are having for dinner.” Read full review
A Glug of Oil
“Everyone that’s seen it wants one themselves! Yep looks-wise this is totally drool-worthy.- when I spied the Igneus Minimo Wood-fired Pizza Oven I knew we could find a space for it so, of course, I had to be buying one! Most were too big for our tiny garden but the Minimo looked perfect.” Read full review
Countertop Pizza Ovens
“One of the most appealing features of this oven is it is very lightweight. It only weighs 15 kilograms so bringing it out of your house is no trouble at all.” Read full review

” Pizza ovens don’t get much more traditional than the Igneus Minimo, which requires you to build and burn your wood fire in the centre of the oven before pushing it to the back to start cooking.”

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Outing Flame
“The Igneus Minimo Pizza Oven emerges as a game-changer, allowing pizza enthusiasts to indulge in the art of homemade pizza with ease. With this small and portable oven, you can experience the delicious taste of wood-fired pizzas. Read full review
“It might not be large but it more than makes up for its lack of size in its performance. The fact that it’s wood-fired and fuelled by small 6″ pieces of kiln-dried hardwood also adds a nice “wildman” element to the whole thing that shines through in the rustic char of the pizzas.” Read full pizza oven review