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Using Your Pizza Oven Beyond Summer: 5 Delicious Ideas

When the warmer days of summer are over, you could be fooled into thinking your wood fired pizza ovens’ work is done for the year. But here at Igneus we couldn’t disagree more! A pizza oven is definitely not just a one-season wonder. With the right approach and a bit of imagination, you can continue to create culinary delights even as the temperatures start to drop.
So, here’s five mouth-watering ideas for using your pizza oven long after summer has ended. Let’s dive in!

summer pizza oven

Gourmet Pizzas for All Seasons

Ok, so we know this is hardly a revolutionary idea for a pizza oven, but pizza is brilliant, so why stop making it? All you need to do is switch things up a bit once the weather starts to cool down.

You could experiment with seasonal toppings like roasted root vegetables and maybe try using some different cheeses such a salty blue cheese and creamy goats’ cheese which pairs beautifully with the sweetness of roasted vegetables and caramelized onions. Herbs such as Sage a perfect for cooler climes, they can add an earthy, herbaceous note to your pizza. Scatter them over the top for a real burst of flavour.

Of course, we’re not suggesting inviting your friends and family round for a pizza night if there’s a thunderstorm in the forecast, but if the weather is set fair but a bit chilly, the warmth of your pizza oven will keep you all cosy as you savour gourmet pizza creations with an autumnal twist. Sounds like the perfect evening to us!

Igneus Classico wood fired pizza oven food - loaves of bread

Wood-Fired Breads and Rolls

Expand your culinary repertoire by baking rustic artisan bread and rolls in your pizza oven. The wood-fired environment lends a unique smoky flavour and crispy crust to your homemade loaves. You could try your hand at sourdough, ciabatta, or a classic baguette. How about a tray of freshly made garlic knots to go alongside a hearty stew? Plus, nothing beats the aroma of freshly baked bread wafting through the air, regardless of the weather!

Igneus Classico wood fired pizza oven roast chicken

Roasted Vegetables and Meats

Transform your pizza oven into a versatile roasting powerhouse. As the weather cools down, roasted vegetables and slow roasted meats are comfort food classics. Picture whole chickens, succulent roasts, and trays of caramelized root vegetables, all infused with the delicious smokiness that only a wood-fired oven can bring. Using a pizza oven will impart a depth of flavour that’s unparalleled, taking those hearty autumn dishes to the next level.

We’re often asked how to cook food that requires slower cooking times, in a pizza oven. Well, the answer is fairly simple. Just let the intense flames die down and therefore the oven temperature to drop. The hardwood stays alight for hours and the internal temperature of the oven will become perfect for long, slow cooking.

Waffle Iron Cast Iron

Delectable Desserts

Your pizza oven isn’t just for savoury dishes. It’s also a fantastic tool for creating delectable desserts. Think beyond the usual biscuits and cakes and venture into the realm of wood-fired sweet treats. Try baking a fruit crumble or tasty tart with a woodsy twist. The heat of the oven will caramelise the sugars in the fruit, resulting in heavenly, gooey-ness that’s perfect for those chilly evenings round the fire.

You could even try making wood fired waffles, using a cast iron waffle iron! Get in kids involved with making the waffle batter and they’re sure to go mad ladening toppings on the golden, fluffy creations!

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Igneus Minimo Portable Wood Fired Pizza Oven - steak

Get Grilling

Sear steaks to perfection, grill vegetables for a smoky flavour infusion, or create tantalising kebabs with a wood-fired twist. The pizza oven’s intense heat and even distribution makes it a brilliant alternative to grilling in your kitchen oven and also adds a distinctive taste to your dishes. Trust us, once people have had a steak cooked in a pizza oven, there’s no going back.

The cast iron pan sets from Igneus is the perfect vessel to cook your steaks in. Cast iron is an excellent choice for cooking steak in a pizza oven due to its exceptional heat retention and even heat distribution. When preheated in the pizza oven, cast iron skillets or griddles can maintain a steady and high cooking temperature, ensuring that the entire steak cooks uniformly without hot spots. This is crucial for achieving a perfect sear on the steak’s exterior while preserving its juices.

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You see! Your pizza oven is not definitely not just a fair-weather friend. With a little creativity and a bit of culinary adventure, you can continue to make delicious meals right throughout the year. So, don’t just tuck it away after summer—keep it fired up and discover a whole new world of wood-fired flavours to enjoy.

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