Black Friday Pizza Oven Deals

Our Top 5 Black Friday Pizza Oven Deals You Can’t Miss

Whether you’re a seasoned pizza aficionado, or a complete novice wanting to dip your toe into the world of wood fired pizza, there’s no better time to buy than during our Black Friday Pizza Oven Sale! This year, we’ve extended our Sale for the entire month of November. We have slashed prices across all metal pizza ovens, including the Home range and the Pro range, as well as a huge range of accessories. With so many savings across the store, we’ve compiled our Top 5 Deals which we don’t think you can afford to miss! Let’s dive in…

1) Minimo Mega Bundle (Save £143) 

The Igneus Minimo is a portable, compact, and high-quality wood-fired pizza oven designed for outdoor cooking. It offers excellent heat retention and even cooking for perfect pizza and more. It’s the perfect place to start for those who’ve never owned a pizza oven before. Weighing just 15kg means it’s fully portable as well. It’s perfect for those camping trips and beach trips when summer finally returns! While the standalone oven is priced at £299 throughout our Black Friday Pizza Oven Sale, down from £375. The real saving comes in the Igneus Minimo Mega Bundle Deal which includes all the vital accessories to get you started, including;

  • Peel
  • Rake
  • Cover
  • Infrared Heat Gun
  • Gloves
  • Rocker Cutter
  • Dough cutter
  • 2 Cast Iron Pans
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Igneus Minimo portable wood fired pizza oven


2) Classico Ultimate Bundle (Save £248)

Our best-selling pizza oven, and our most popular bundle deal. It’s the jewel in the crown of the Igneus Family Range. The Igneus Classico excels in delivering wood-fired excellence. It’s refractory brick floor and innovative insulation ensure that it reaches and maintains high cooking temperatures. Resulting in perfectly crisp, wood-fired crusts. Whether you’re making Neapolitan-style pizzas, roasting meats, or baking bread, the Classico’s ability to maintain consistent heat guarantees exceptional results every time.

The Ultimate Bundle gives you everything you could ever need for making world class pizza! Here’s what it includes;

  • Perforated Peel
  • Turning Peel
  • Rake
  • Brush
  • Rocker Cutter
  • Dough cutter
  • Gloves
  • Igneus 3 Cast Iron Pan Set
  • Cover
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Igneus Classico wood fired table top pizza ovens


3) Pro 600 Ultimate Bundle (Save £368)

We couldn’t write an article about our top Black Friday Pizza Oven savings without including the largest saving across the whole store: a massive £368! The Igneus Pro 600 is a high-performance wood-fired pizza oven renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and cooking capabilities. This professional-grade oven is designed for serious outdoor cooking enthusiasts and aspiring pizzaiolos. With a spacious cooking chamber and superb heat retention, it allows for the preparation of Neapolitan-style pizzas and a wide range of other wood-fired dishes. The Pro 600’s stainless steel construction ensures durability and longevity, making it suitable for year-round outdoor use. Its advanced design and efficient insulation make for quick heat-up times, allowing you to start cooking in no time.

It’s the ideal choice for serious home cooks who perhaps want a step up from a smaller oven or different brand. It’s also suitable for light professional use owing to the size of the cooking chamber being big enough for two pizzas or 2x roasting trays. Where this oven differs from the Classico is in the insulation. It’s slightly thicker, meaning it’s more efficient and uses less fuel to maintain the perfect pizza cooking temperature.

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Igneus Pro 600 wood fired pizza oven


4) Igneus Elite 120cm Accessory Bundle (Save £49)

If you already own a pizza oven you may or may not have a whole host of accessories to go alongside it. Accessories can often be an afterthought, and something you only realise you need when you’ve used the oven a few times. The Igneus Elite 120cm Accessory Bundle not only makes your life so much easier when cooking pizza and more, it also improves the overall quality of the food you turn out. Win, win! Most pizza ovens come with a launching peel, but unless you bought yours as part of a bundle, you might be missing out on some essential accessories.

The Igneus Elite 120cm Accessory Bundle includes;

  • 14″ perforated peel
  • 120cm turning peel
  • 120cm brush
  • 120cm rake

The perforations on the launching peel help to ensure your pizza doesn’t stick to the peel. The turning peel is an essential piece of kit. If you’ve ever tried to rotate your pizza during cooking using a launching peel, you’ll know it’s somewhat of an arduous task! The turning peel makes it so much easier. This is because it is small and nimble; the circular design helps make turning a breeze!

The brush and rake are fantastic for maintaining your pizza oven after use. They are essential if you’re using a wood fired pizza oven, as you can often find ash and carbon finds its way onto the pizza stone.

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Igneus Pro 750 wood fired pizza oven


5) Igneus 3 Part Cast Iron Pan Set (Save £79.99)

An Igneus wood fired pizza oven is for so much more than just pizza! You can cook casseroles, curries, roasts, steaks, fish and more! Cast iron pans have the remarkable ability to absorb and retain heat. When placed in a pizza oven, it heats evenly and holds that heat for an extended period. This consistent and high heat is essential for achieving a gnarly char on steaks and vegetables.

Over time, as you use your cast iron pans, they develop a natural non-stick seasoning. This seasoning not only reduces the risk of sticking but also imparts a unique, smoky flavour to your dishes when used in a wood fired pizza oven.

Cast iron pans are an essential item to have if you intend to use your pizza oven for anything other than pizza.

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Igneus 3 part cast iron pan set


So, there we have it, our top 5 Black Friday Pizza Oven offers we didn’t want you to miss! Of course, there plenty more incredible offers which you can find here. If you want any more information about any of the deals, just give our friendly team a call on 01423 575 885.

Thanks for reading,

Team Igneus!