Best Pizza Oven Accessories - Igneus pizza ovens

Our Top 5 Pizza Oven Accessories We Can’t Live Without

So, you’ve bought or are thinking about buying a new Igneus Pizza Oven? Your next logical question is what cool gadgets can I add to make my pizza making game even better?! Here’s our top 5 pizza oven accessories that we simply have to have.

Igneus Infrared Digital Thermometer - Igneus pizza oven accessories

1. The Infrared Digital Thermometer

One of the most common mistakes when cooking pizza is not having the internal temperature hot enough. It’s vital for these elements to have reached optimum temperature before you even think about launching a pizza. To make measuring the temperature of your oven easy, we recommend investing in an Infrared Digital Thermometer. Simply point the gun towards your source of heat and pull the trigger. The thermometer will automatically turn on and shoot a laser to show you where you are measuring. The temperature can measure from as little as -50ºC to 750ºC and appears on an LCD screen. What’s more, the thermometer will turn itself off after 20 seconds of no use.

Check it out here.

2. Dough Proofing Containers

Always ending up with mis shaped or wonky dough balls? The Babadoh containers hug your dough balls tightly as they rest. Ensuring you get a consistent and perfectly circular dough ball for every pizza you make. They can even be used as topping containers for sauce, cheese, meat toppings and more.

The dough balls are proved in individual containers so they don’t stick together. They’re even non-stick so you can effortlessly release the balls. The loose fitting lid protects your dough from drying out as you prepare your sauce, cheese and toppings.

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Igneus 3 part cast iron pan set - casserole pan

3. The Igneus 3 Part Cast Iron Pan Set

The Igneus 3 part cast iron set gives you the three most important and durable pans you’d need for your wood fired oven.

Designed to be used in larger ovens. It offers a large casserole dish (perfect for casseroles, curries, pot roasts etc) with a lid which can also be used as a frying pan to cook fried eggs, pancakes etc.

You’ll also get the large ridged skillet pan. This is perfect for cooking steaks, burgers, fish, vegetables and more. Make the most out of your pizza oven by cooking more than just pizza!

Igneus 3 Part Cast Iron Pan Set.

Igneus Pro Pizza Spinner - Igneus wood fired pizza ovens uk - pizza oven accessories tools

4. The Igneus Pro Turning Peel

Pizza peels are intended to help you seamlessly transfer a pizza to and from your pizza oven without spilling any toppings. However, trying to use a launching peel to turn your pizza as it cooks can be a little awkward. Especially in smaller ovens such as the Igneus Minimo. The Igneus Pro turning peel is the perfect tool to use as its small circular blade allows it to easily slip under the pizza and seamlessly turn the pizza. This has a number of benefits, the main one being it ensures even cooking as the pizza cooks close to the flames on one side, and then the other once you’ve turned it.

The long handle of the turning peel allows you to reach deep into the hot oven without getting too close to the flames. This minimises the risk of burns and makes it safer to manage your pizza. Start making pizza like a pro here.

Wooden Pizza Oven Stand - Igneus Classico wood fired pizza oven -

A wooden pizza oven stand

Love cooking outdoors? This pizza oven stand has been specifically designed for the outdoors. It provides full 360-degree access for fuelling your oven as well as for cooking and serving the pizzas. The main table top is designed to securely hold an Igneus pizza oven and fold up sides for preparation and serving areas are attached.

Additionally, it has two substantial shelves for drinks, refreshments, plates and everything needed for outdoor entertaining in style. Pressure treated for pizzas cooked at intense heats, this is also an FSC certified product with a 10 year guarantee against rot. Wow guests at your next pizza party here.

Can’t choose a favourite? Don’t worry, neither can we! If you’d like any more advice regarding our accessories that we can’t live without there are a number of ways to contact us. Visit in store, ring on 01423 575 885 or email [email protected] to get started today.