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Top Christmas Stocking Fillers for Pizza Aficionados

When it comes to Christmas stocking fillers, some people are dead easy to buy for, and some are a little trickier. One thing that is for sure though, the age-old cliché of getting dad a pair of trusty socks, might finally be getting a little old. However, if you have a pizza aficionado in your family or circle of friends, we might just have got you covered this year.

No more scouring the internet for pizza gift ideas for dad, our accessories shop and groceries section is packed full of items that make perfect gifts, and at an affordable price point to boot. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and take a look…

Igneus Elite Accessory Bundle 120cm - Christmas Stocking Fillers


Igneus Elite 120cm Accessory Bundle

Was: £199 NOW £150

A must buy for anyone who’s serious about making great pizza. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to launch a pizza with the dough stuck to the peel and the toppings flying into the oven, leaving soggy dough behind! With the Igneus Elite 120cm Accessory Bundle, there’s a 14” perforated peel included. It’s those perforations that help the dough slide off the peel with ease, and the excess flour simply falls through the perforations rather than staying on the base of your pizza and burning.

Also included in the bundle is the Igneus 120cm Turning Peel. This is a game changer for any pizza aficionado. The circular design is perfect for turning your pizza mid cook, which is essential for achieving an even char all the way round the crust. Its lightweight anodized blade ensures durability and ease of use. Additionally, the handle is equipped with a grip slider for enhanced control, while a hanging hook adds to its storage convenience.

As if that wasn’t enough, but this bundle also includes a 120cm brush and 120cm rake, making clean up a breeze, as well as pushing and arranging wood which is essential for maintaining the fire and ensuring the temperature of the oven remains consistent.

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Fandango Kindling Cracker - Christmas Stocking Fillers


Kindling Cracker Original + Cover + Hammer

Was: £184  NOW £149

One of our bestselling accessories! Not only is this just a super cool accessory to have next to your pizza oven, but it also makes splitting firewood safe, fast and easy. It really does what it says on the tin, allowing for larger logs to be cut down to smaller kindling. As it’s so safe, anyone can use it, and trust us, when the kids or grandkids see you using it they’ll be straight over to have a go themselves. That beats being cooped up inside playing on the XBOX any day of the week!

Bundle includes: Kindling Cracker Original, hammer and cover

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Igneus cast iron pans - Christmas Stocking Fillers


Igneus 3 Part Cast Iron Pan Set

Was: £135  NOW £79.99

We’ve said it before, but it’s worth saying again (and again)… PIZZA OVENS ARE FOR SO MUCH MORE THAN JUST PIZZA! Sorry, were we shouting there?! It’s true though, for anyone who’s never tried cooking a steak, roasting meat or veg, or even cooking curries and casseroles in an Igneus Pizza Oven, they’re massively missing out on the unique, smoky flavour of wood fired food. Maybe that was because they didn’t think it was possible, or because they didn’t have the correct cookware to do it.

That’s where the Igneus 3 Part Cast Iron Pan Set comes in. Included in this bundle is a large casserole dish (perfect for casseroles, curries, pot roasts etc) with a lid which can also be used as a frying pan to cook fried eggs, pancakes etc. You’ll also get the large ridged skillet pan, which is perfect for cooking steaks, burgers, fish, vegetables etc, and ideal for getting a gnarly char on your food. Remember, colour equals flavour!

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Igneus Infrared Digital Thermometer - Christmas Stocking Fillers


Infrared Digital Thermometer

Was: £34.99  NOW £29.99

One of the most common mistakes people make when making pizza is not getting the stone up to the correct temperature range. Whilst it’s easy to ascertain the internal temperature of the oven itself using the built in temperature gauge, without a digital thermometer it can be difficult to know what temperature the stone is at. The result of not getting the stone hot enough is a soggy base, and no one wants that. So, it’s vital that everything is optimum for perfect results, every time.

The Infrared Digital Thermometer couldn’t be easier to operate either. Just aim the device at the heat source and press the trigger. The thermometer will activate automatically, emitting a laser to indicate the measurement point. The temperature will then be displayed on the LCD screen, providing readings in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

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Pizza Gift Box Banner - Christmas Gift Box


Luxury Pizza Gift Box


The ultimate gift for any pizza fan! It’s one thing loving pizza. It’s another making a pizza totally from scratch, using the best quality ingredients. That’s what our Luxury Pizza Gift Box offers. Imagine the face of your loved one when they open this on Christmas morning, they’ll quickly forget about the prospect of a delicious Christmas dinner. They’ll be out in the garden firing up their pizza oven! Here’s what’s included in this luxury bundle of joy:

  • 2x Caputo Pizzeria Wheat Soft Wheat Flour Tipo “00” (1kg)
  • 2x Mutti Pizza Sauce (400g)
  • 1x Caputo Dry Yeast (100g)
  • 1x JD’s Original Hot Honey (350g)
  • 1x JD’s Hot Flakes Aleppo Chilli (35g)
  • 1x Truffle Guys Signature Truffle Dust (65g)
  • 1x Igneus Pro Dough Cutter
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Final thoughts

And there we have it, our top picks for Christmas stocking fillers, any of which are bound to put a smile on the face of your nearest, dearest pizza fan. If these don’t quite it the spot, there’s plenty more gift ideas over in the accessories shop and groceries section, so head over now to take a look! Good luck finding the perfect Christmas gift for your friends and family this year.

Thanks for reading, and Merry Christmas.

Team Igneus