Why the Igneus Minimo is the Best Investment for any Happy Camper

At Igneus we have a range of incredible wood fired pizza ovens, all of which have their own benefits. Today we want to shout out the smallest and most portable oven in the range, the Igneus Minimo, and why it makes the perfect companion for going camping as we head into the warmer weather. Here’s why we think you need to invest in the Igneus Minimo camping pizza oven for your trips this summer!

Igneus Pizza Oven Wood Bundle - Igneus wood fired pizza ovens uk

The Fuel

Unlike some other portable pizza ovens, you can cook using actual hard wood, rather than using wood pellets (usually made of compressed sawdust) or small kindling. One of the main benefits of this is the heat generation from the hardwood is far superior, that’s before we even mention the taste or aroma which is imparted onto the food! Compared to gas fired pizza ovens, actual wood leaves an unmistakably charred taste and aroma to your pizza.

We recommend kiln dried silver birch logs for the best results, but really any kiln dried hardwood will do the job. As you get more advanced, you can experiment with the different species of wood and how each affect the taste of the food you’re cooking.

Igneus Minimo Portable Wood Fired Pizza Oven - steak

The heat and what it can cook

Capable of reaching over 400°C, the Igneus Minimo offers a quick to heat, roaring flame that can cook so much more than pizza. In just 10 to 15 minutes the oven will be up to temperature and ready to cook meat, fish, vegetables as well as pizza of course! So, if you’ve spent the day fishing while away on your camping trip and want to show off your catch in the best way possible to your friends and family, the Minimo is the perfect oven for the job!

The Minimo is also great as a BBQ alternative, – no need to worry about messing around with charcoal when you have a multi-functional roasting hot oven to give you almost the same charred effect! The Minimo is large enough to fit a small roasting tray, so you can also cook a family sized chicken in just 45 minutes or bake bread in the morning if you’re really wanting to show off your skills to the rest of the campsite!

Igneus Minimo portable pizza oven carry cover

It’s super portable!

At just 15kg, the Igneus Minimo is incredibly lightweight and easy to assemble and/or pack away if you need that extra space. The chimney can be detached and re-added by sliding it onto the oven collar until it clicks into place. With small legs, the Minimo is safe to cook anywhere with a roughly even surface, meaning it can join you in the woods, at the beach, or under the night sky for a spot of stargazing! So basically wherever you pitch your tent! The optional cover allows you to easily carry the Minimo with the built in straps.

Igneus Minimo portable wood fired pizza oven

You can use it at home

Of course, when it comes to value for money, you might also be considering where else you can use the Igneus Minimo pizza oven. Made from stainless steel, your Minimo can blend into any décor or outside kitchen surroundings seamlessly. If you’re looking for a pizza oven that you can use at any time, not just camping, then the Minimo is for you.

Igneus Minimo portable wood fired garden pizza oven


We currently have an a Igneus Minimo Pizza Oven Mega Bundle deal which adds all the vital accessories you’ll ever need to go along with your Minimo pizza oven. If you opt for the mega bundle you’ll receive a launching peel, rake, cover, gloves, rocker cutter, dough cutter and two cast pans which you can find here.

You can also benefit from our wood bundle here, with free next working day delivery!

If you have any questions regarding the Igneus Minimo you can contact us on 01423 575885 or online here.