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Get to know the Igneus Pizza Oven Family

If you’re new to the world of pizza ovens then you might not have heard our name just yet. We are Igneus. Specialising in wood fired pizza ovens, we’ve been around the block when it comes to designing the perfect oven to cook delicious pizza. However, our pizza ovens can cook so much more! Whether you’re looking for a portable pizza oven to take on outings or a more permanent home feature, we have you covered. Discover the pizza ovens you never knew you needed below.

Igneus Minimo portable wood fired pizza oven


Igneus Minimo

The Igneus Minimo model is the perfect pizza oven if you’re looking to dip your toe into the pizza making world. Well built, strong and fully portable. It’s the perfect accompaniment to take on holiday at just 15kg. Tired of stoking up the campfire or trying to get a BBQ going on a beach with a breeze? The Minimo is effortlessly assembled. All you need to do is slide the chimney onto the oven collar until it clicks into place. 15 minutes later you’ll have a roaring hot pizza oven at 400 degrees. Ready to cook a 12 inch pizza in just 60 seconds! Of course, like the rest of our range, you can use a roasting tray to cook any meats, fish, vegetables or even casseroles!

Compared to many other pizza ovens of a similar size on the market that use wood pellets, the Minimo cooks using kiln dried hardwood logs. Of these, we would recommend kiln dried silver birch as they burn consistently and at a high temperature. Whilst pellets are certainly smaller, you simply don’t get the same results in terms of flavour and aroma, as well on temperature consistency.

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Igneus Classico wood fired table top pizza ovens


Igneus Classico

At the other end of the spectrum is the Igneus Classico. What it lacks in portability it makes up for in its capabilities. Essentially being a professional grade oven in your garden, reaching temperatures in excess of 550°c! Its large cooking chamber is 60x60cm. Giving you the room to cook either two 12” pizzas in 60 seconds or cook an entire roast dinner with two oven trays side by side. This makes it perfect for family sized events or large gatherings. The Classico can reach 550°c in 20 minutes and boasts a built-in thermometer to help you keep track of the internal temperature. Of course, once you are a true aficionado, you’ll want to purchase the digital infrared thermometer. This is so you can measure the heat of the stone more precisely.

Temperature Control

You can maintain the heat of the oven by using the damper system on the chimney, or by opening the removable door and adjusting the air vents which works best for slow roasting meats. Due to the intense heat the Igneus Classico can reach, you will require cast iron cookware alongside this for any food besides pizza.


Weighing in at 45kg, it certainly is one of the larger pizza ovens and works best on a countertop or stand in the garden. Whilst it is perfectly safe for most countertop surfaces, this does not extend to granite or glass due to the heat propensity.


The Classico does have four wooden legs to keep the oven a safe distance from the surface but we do also have two stand options; a wooden stand or custom stainless-steel trolley depending on your preferred aesthetic. Don’t worry though, you’re not confined to just one position for your oven. The firebricks can be removed which takes the Classico’s weight down to 20kg. The firebricks themselves are a rather understated aspect of this pizza oven. At 28mm thick they assist in retaining the oven’s heat for longer, making slow cooking foods such as casseroles, baking bread or even desserts a breeze!

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Igneus Bambino wood fired pizza oven


Igneus Bambino

If you’re struggling to know which pizza oven is best for your needs, the Igneus Bambino offers a great middle ground between portability and capability. Weighing slightly more than the Minimo at 35kg. The Bambino is still portable and can be reduced down to 17kg by removing the firebricks to carry separately. If you did decide to take the Bambino with you on outdoor adventures, you can also detach the chimney which can be placed inside the oven to minimise space. On the other hand, the Bambino also boasts similar features to the Classico in its thoughtful design.

It comes equipped with a built-in thermometer on the top left side of the oven, a removable door, and is insulated to a high standard for heat retention and consistency. With slightly more capacity, the Bambino can cook a 14” pizza in just 60 seconds or can accommodate one roasting tray. As with our other models, the Bambino is wood fired. We recommend using the same dried silver birch logs as mentioned earlier. The Bambino is available in marine grade stainless steel and features a powder-coated aluminium canopy.

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All of our pizza ovens are built with your different requirements in mind. Which pizza oven best suits you? We understand that can be a tricky question, which is why our Igneus team is here to help. You can call on 01423 575 885, visit us in store or email by contacting us here.