12″ Igneus Standard Pizza Peels | Black Friday

£20.99£22.05 inc. VAT

A pizza peel is an essential accessory when using a Igneus pizza oven. The peel is used to place the pizza in and out of the oven safely. These peels can hold a 12 inch pizza with ease and are made out of quality Stainless Steel. The handle is made from metal with a hanging hook.

The short handled peel is 69cm long and is ideal for the Igneus Bambino.

The medium handled peel is 85cm long and is perfect for use in the Igneus Classico.

The reason we recommend this medium handled peel for the Igneus Classico is due to its length. The short handled peel is too short for the depth of the Classico, however works perfectly with the Bambino. At 85cm long, this peel keeps your hands safely far away from the fire when placing the pizza in and out of the oven.