Igneus Ceramiko Pro 1000 – Pizza Oven

£1,969.00£2,544.00 inc. VAT

The Igneus Ceramiko Pro 1000 is a commercial pizza oven which is hand made in the UK. With an internal cooking area of 1000mm, it can cook 4 large pizzas in an amazing 60-90 seconds. It takes 40 minutes to get up to cooking temperature!

The Pro 1000 is weather and frost proof. It can hold is heat for 24+ hours. The pizza oven is Defra approved for indoor and outdoor use.

The external of the oven is a mixture of sand and cement which creates the beautiful light red tone. If you would like to customise the look of your oven you can, paint, tile, brick and render outer shell. We have an optional render kit available to purchase.

It comes with insulation materials and a decorative archway which allows it to be built in if you so choose.