Igneus Minimo – Mega Bundle

£492.97 £462.00 inc. VAT

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This Igneus Minimo Mega Bundle includes:

  • Igneus Minimo
  • Pizza peel
  • Embers rake
  • Cover / carry case
  • 2 part cast iron pan set
  • Heat resistant gloves

This fantastic portable wood fired oven weighs only 15kgs. This compact oven can be taken anywhere, on holiday in the back of the car, camping, caravanning or just round to a friend’s house for the night.

The wood you will burn is small 6” offcuts (kindling size). Reaching  500c in around 15 minutes, this oven will cook an incredible, authentic tasting wood fired 12″ pizza  in around 60-90 seconds. The Minimo can also hold a medium sized roasting tin and will roast a chicken in around 45 minutes, offering the same cooking ability of the larger ovens in this range. Perfect for smaller gardens or outdoor spaces.