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The Igneus Pro 600 pizza oven offers all the benefits of the Igneus Classico with some added extras to make the oven perform to a professional standard. The Pro 600 is up to pizza making temperature in 15-20 minutes, meaning you can be up and running and cooking pizza quickly.

The Igneus Pro 600 pizza oven has thicker insulation than the Classico. This means that the oven is more efficient, using less fuel to maintain the perfect pizza cooking temperature, leaving the chef to focus on cooking pizza rather than making sure the oven is operating at peak performance. The steel legs stand higher than on the Classico, leaving more of an air gap for air to circulate around the already well insulated oven, this allows you to cook for extended periods on a wooden tabletop without worrying about damaging the surface. The Igneus Pro 600 will cook two pizzas at the same time in 60-90 seconds.

There is also a fixing system available as an optional extra which enables you to secure the oven onto the surface you have chosen. It works by bolting the legs of the oven to the fixing system which can be pre-screwed onto the work surface. This ensures that the oven will not move in transit if you have placed the oven in a trailer or converted horsebox.

We have a Pro 600 stand available to buy… click here

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