Creative Vegetarian Pizzas for Your Wood Fired Oven

One of the best things about pizza is the fact that pretty much anything goes. It’s all about personal preference. So, whether you’re a meat loving carnivore or strict vegetarian, you can enjoy great vegetarian pizza. However, we think so much emphasis is put on flavour combinations and recipes that involve meat. At Igneus we believe that cooking pizzas in a wood fired oven is so much more than that. We’re here to show you that great quality, seasonal vegetables can be the star of the show too. They may even take a little bit of the limelight away from those pesky carnivores!

Vegetarian pizzas are gaining popularity as more people embrace plant-based diets and seek new, exciting ways to enjoy their meals. In this blog, we’ll explore creative vegetarian pizzas, drawing inspiration from different regions of Italy. As well as other parts of Europe, including Spain and Greece. We’ll delve into the world of flavour combinations. Explaining how different ingredients work together to create delicious pizzas that’ll have your guests coming back for more.

It’s all about the ingredients

Creating the perfect pizza is about mastering the art of flavour pairing. The right combination of flavours can elevate a simple pizza to something that gets people excited and talking about what they’re eating. When flavours are paired well, they complement and enhance each other, creating a balanced and harmonious dish. And it’s no different in the world of pizza. Focus on freshness and quality. Fresh vegetables, high-quality cheeses, and fragrant herbs are the foundations of a great vegetarian pizza. Pay attention to the textures and tastes of each ingredient. For instance, the creamy richness of mozzarella pairs beautifully with the sweetness of fresh tomatoes. While the earthy notes of mushrooms are enhanced by the powerful aromatic qualities of truffle oil.

Igneus Top Tips for Choosing Fresh and Quality Ingredients

  1. Seasonal Produce: Opt for vegetables that are in season for the freshest and most flavourful ingredients. Local farmers’ markets and farm shops are great places to find these.
  • Cheese: Choose cheeses that melt well and offer a balanced flavour. Fresh mozzarella, ricotta, goat cheese and blue cheese such as gorgonzola are excellent for vegetarian pizzas.
  • Herbs and Spices: Fresh herbs like basil, oregano, and thyme add a burst of flavour and aroma. Experiment with different herbs and spices to find your perfect combination.
  • Olive Oil: A high-quality extra virgin olive oil can significantly enhance your pizza’s taste. Drizzle it over your pizza after cooking to add a richness to the overall flavour.

Inspiration from Italy

Italy is the birthplace of pizza, and its regional cuisines offer a wealth of inspiration for creating delicious vegetarian pizzas. From the classic flavours of a Margherita to the rich and diverse combinations found throughout the country, Italian pizzas are known for their simplicity and freshness. They often only use one or two ‘hero’ ingredients and letting them shine.

Sicilian Aubergine Pizza

Aubergines are a crucial part of Sicilian cuisine. Using them as the star ingredient of pizza will truly capture the essence of Mediterranean flavours. Grilling the aubergine in your Igneus oven first with a little olive oil and oregano will elevate the flavour as well, providing a smoky, rich taste. Pair this with ricotta cheese to create contrast of textures and flavours.

Although the combination of grilled aubergine, oregano and rich ricotta cheese would be fantastic on its own, if you want to elevate this pizza even further, try adding the briny, tangy notes of olives and capers, which add depth and a hint of saltiness. The olives bring a robust flavour, while the capers provide a burst of acidity.

Spanish Sensations

Spain’s vibrant cuisine is known for its bold flavours and fresh ingredients, making it a fantastic source of inspiration for vegetarian pizzas. From the rich, smoky notes of roasted vegetables to the tangy taste of Manchego cheese, Spanish flavours add a unique twist to your pizzas and bring a taste of Spain to your wood fired oven.

Patatas Bravas Pizza

If you were asked to name a Spanish tapas dish, Patatas Bravas would likely be on the tip of your tongue. Despite being probably one of the worst ‘Pointless’ answers to that particular question, you have to try bringing this beloved Spanish tapas dish to your wood fired oven.

It starts with crispy, golden potatoes seasoned with smoked paprika to add a rich, smoky flavour. Make sure you use potatoes that are high in starch, such as Maris Pipers. Starchy potatoes are low in moisture, and as we all know, moisture is the enemy of crispy pizza. A light layer of tomato sauce adds freshness, while adding generous dollops of aioli after the pizza is cooked adds creamy and garlicky notes.

To finish, sprinkle fresh parsley over the top for a hint of freshness. The result is a pizza that combines the comforting textures of potatoes with the bold, spicy, and creamy flavours of traditional Patatas Bravas. This pizza is perfect for those who love Spanish food and want to make pizza that’s a little different to the “norm”.

Inspiration from Greece

Greek cuisine is celebrated for its fresh ingredients and vibrant, bold flavours, making it a perfect inspiration for vegetarian pizzas. With an emphasis on vegetables, herbs, and brined cheeses, Greek-inspired pizzas offer a delightful and healthy twist.

Classic Greek Salad Pizza

Salad pizza… sounds weird, doesn’t it? But bear with us on this one. To create this pizza, you first have to blind bake your base. This refreshing and flavourful pizza starts with a thin, crispy crust topped with a light layer of olive oil, which is baked in your wood fired oven. Next add the fresh ingredients of crumbled feta cheese, juicy cherry tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, and salty green and black olives to create a vibrant, colourful topping.

Thinly sliced red onions add a bit of bite and intense flavour, while a sprinkle of oregano infuses the pizza with classic Greek flavours. A final drizzle of high-quality olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice bring everything together. The result is a light, refreshing pizza that combines the best elements of a Greek salad, perfect for enjoying on a warm day with a glass of chilled white wine.

Final thoughts

See, vegetarian pizza doesn’t have to be boring! Next time you fire up your Igneus Wood Fired Pizza Oven, we urge you to give any one of these vegetarian delights a try. The beauty of pizza lies in its versatility and the endless possibilities for flavour combinations. By focusing on fresh, high-quality ingredients and creative flavour pairings, you can create pizzas that highlight the best of seasonal vegetables.

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