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Best Portable Pizza Ovens

Pizza ovens in the past have mainly been built into your garden. However, in the last few years there has been a massive boom in portable pizza ovens. We have two of the best portable pizza ovens available here at Igneus.

Here are the four things to consider when buying a pizza oven that is portable. These are: weight, capacity, fuel and cooking time.

  1. Weight is the most obvious as it needs to be as lightweight as possible in order to be moved around with ease.
  2. Capacity, as a minimum requirement the oven should allow you to cook a 12″ pizza.
  3. Fuel is important because of taste, all of our ovens are wood fired for that fantastic wood taste.
  4. Finally, cooking time – you should not have to wait more that 2 minutes for a 12″ pizza to cook in a good portable pizza oven.
Igneus Minimo Portable Pizza Oven 
Igneus Minimo portable wood fired pizza oven - which? 2021 best pizza oven
Our Igneus Bambino is also portable weighing 37kg (17kg with firebricks removed)
Igneus Minimo portable wood fired garden pizza oven

The Igneus Minimo is our most portable oven, weighing only 15kg! It has been engineered for portablility and can cook a 12″ pizza and even hold a cast iron pan! Cook a pizza in 60 seconds and is fuelled by small 6 inch kiln dried logs.

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Igneus Bambino Pizza Oven 
Igneus Bambino wood fired garden pizza oven
Igneus Bambino wood fired garden pizza oven
Igneus Bambino wood fired garden pizza oven

Our Igneus Bambino is 37kg (17kg with firebricks removed) and can cook a 14″ pizza with ease. It has a fantastic 50x50cm cooking area and will cook your pizza in 60 seconds! Fuelled by kiln dried hardwood logs.

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We know it can be hard choosing a pizza oven, our team can help you choose the right one for your needs. You can get in touch by calling us on 01423 575885 or emailing us on [email protected].

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